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Victoria Brass Victoria Brass was the original brainchild of three-time National Championship winning conductor, Mark Ford. Mark had long been interested in the idea of bringing Victoria’s elite brass players together and in 2015 and 2016 this vision came to reality with two very successful seasons.

Victoria Brass is interested in cutting edge repertoire, free from the constraints and limitations of competition rules. The band will rehearse and perform top level compositions, showcasing the best of what banding in Australia can produce. “I am particularly excited by the opportunity to promote new compositions and provide a vehicle for new composers to have their works performed. We will be able to perform compositions that would not be considered as appropriate for a national level competition, but that are amazing works deserving of a top-level band to perform them.”

Mark originally stated. The first iteration of this type of ensemble was called Melbourne Brass and events were held in 1972-73. The band was conducted by British musician Geoffrey Brand. Victoria Brass operates in seasons, coming together for specific performances and projects which may include recordings.

Most of the players in Victoria Brass hold important positions in their own band. It’s important to ensure that there are no conflicts in priorities that would make it difficult for these elite players to participate. “The future of banding lies with developing young players to love what brass bands can offer. “By showcasing what top level playing can produce, and by working with our young players to develop their skills and playing, we are growing a strong future for this genre of music that will endure and strengthen in this state.”

Mark W. Ford.

‘Leading brass and percussion musicians with a collective focus on quality repertoire, collegiality, and performance.’

Principal conductor:
Dr. Matthew van Emmerik

Band Manager:
Brenton Burley

Beau Webb

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